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logoReceptive Tour Operator, travel specialist in Madagascar, Malagasy Tours Malagasy Tours is a local agency based in Antananarivo. We offer our expertise and experience for your tour map and tailor your trip .

Our trips to Madagascar , these are meetings , exchanges of knowledge.
This site presents a wide range of customizable tours in the most beautiful sites in Madagascar .

Whatever your desires voyages of discovery or relaxation, active or quiet holiday , trekking incurred or soft hiking, ecotourism and travel themeour team at the agency , always at your disposal , will offer you high quality routes strict accordance with your expectations. Responsiveness of our answers will surprise you!

Leading specialists in trekking in Madagascar ( Makay , Isalo , Andringitra Zafimaniry ) or hiking ( Tsingy de Bemaraha and Ankarana Perinet , Ranomafana , Montagne d’Ambre ) , our Malagasy guides are true professionals ! They are all voyages of exploration to production. They traveled Madagascar in all directions, know its every corner , they have “cousins” everywhere. They are tireless explorers , great travel companions .

Our incoming agency has its own fleet of 4×4 vehicles and some minibus..
We are independent and outsource very little we control our trips throughout.
A guarantee of reliability .

Madagascar freely we offer the possibility to rent a 4×4 with driver / guide..

Malagasy Tours is also Nature Lodge, a beautiful ecolodge at the gates of the Parc de la Montagne d’Ambre !

The team

Malagasy Tours, local tour operator based in Antananarivo – Madagascar, was created by Olivier TOBOUL, in 1993, after several years of guiding in Africa (1983-1992). We also represent several reputable tour operators in Europe and elsewhere.

Malagasy Tours, is above all a great team, dynamic and professional!

In our office in Tana and on the ground, it is more than fifty people who work on the construction and proper execution of your travels :

A reactive production team to meet your demands. She creates with you a program that suits you best. She prepares your daily journey with hoteliers, guides and partners.

A logistics staff handles equipment, food and all these little things that are appreciated.

Into the garage, a group of mechanics, sheet metal workers and electricians knowledgeable, to prepare the 4×4 vehicles and minibuses that crisscross Madagascar quietly.

And also, a rigorous accounting department for the smooth running of the company.

Les Guides, drivers, assistants … more than twenty people accompanying you to help you to understand, explore and enjoy Madagascar.

It is for them – and for you – that everything is implemented in the office and garage so that you can experience a unique journey with confidence!


Malagasy Tours ; an ethics and values

The main advantage of Malagasy Tours, It is these men and women who have worked together since 1993 to prepare your trip to accompany you on roads and trails, to share evenings around the campfire to discuss of travel and share their passion for the country: Madagascar.

The sharing

A permanent contact with the population. Trying as much as possible to be close to people and events to understand them better. Exchanges between different cultures are always for the actors, privileged moments and intense and lasting memories.

The nature

It is present everywhere in Madagascar. We go to its contact in the parks and reserves, we approach the animals and we learn about the plants, flowers so particular in this region of the world.
Very concerned about ecology, conservation, biodiversity, we help from our best different projects in this direction.

The adventure

We will take you on a journey that will be done of discoveries, meetings and experiences. Adventure is not necessarily synonymous with unexpected or improvisation, is more a state of mind, a concept, an approach of the Travel with a big T.


By this term somewhat “overused” in recent years, we mean a certain quality of tourism as well say a way to travel. Ecotourism is a responsible tourism, conscious of its role in the country toward the human and natural environment.
The ecotourist is a tourist attentive, open, interested, and traveling today without ignoring tomorrow.

ATR – Malagasy Tours has the certification “Acting for Responsible Tourism”

This certification Acting for Responsible Tourism is based on a framework which aims to bring together operators wishing to work towards a more responsible tourism and sharing common values in the exercise of their professional practices based on respect, solidarity and quality.



bandeau vhicules-mt

A team of efficient mechanics handles in Tana the maintenance of our vehicles.


This is exactly the type of 4×4 vehicle adapted to the realities Malagasy!

A big six powerful and robust pass-almost-all cylinders. The spacious cabin can carry up to 5 people and a good amount of luggage and equipment.

1 driver / guide 4 or 5 passengers.


  •  Equipement
  • CD radio
  • Lighter
  • Long-range lights
  • One additional tank (100 l)

  • 1 jack forest
  • 2 spare wheels
  • Bull bar
  • Box “Large Travel”


MalagasyTours-toyota hzj78

Malagasy Tours toyota hzj78-13

Malagasy Tours toyota hzj78-12


A big 4×4 as comfortable on the long tarred stretches as on Malagasy tracks, not always easy!

Its 6 cylinders, its pneumatic suspensions, its spacious interior offers comfort comparable to a sedan car and most of all : its look!

1 driver / guide + 4 passengers


  • CD radio
  • Lighter
  • Long-range lights
  • One additional tank (80 l)
  • Luggage rack
  • Bull bar

toyota hzj80-4

toyota hzj80-10

toyota hzj80-11

toyota hzj80-2


This is exactly the type of 4×4 vehicle adapted to the realities of Madagascar!

On some tracks, this vehicle is indispensable and irreplaceable especially on coastal slopes where we encounter many fording sites, into the Deep South with slack sand dunes and sometimes towards the Makay or the Tsingy’s.

1 driver / guide + 3 passengers


  • CD radio
  • Lighter
  • Long-range
  • Lights One additional tank (100 l)
  • 1 jack forest
  • 2 spare wheels
  • Bull bar
  • Box “Large Travel”

toyota hilux5

toyota hilux3

toyota hilux1

Malagasy Tours toyota hilux4


Roads, narrow and winding, Madagascar does not allow the fat guy bus “boeing” to move quickly and safely. Here is the type of bus that we put at your disposal, it is perfectly suited to the Malagasy realities!

According to the production 10/8/7 passenger seats + driver + 1 guide


  • CD radio
  • lighter
  • Long-range
  • rack
  • 2 spare wheels
  • bull bar


  • CD radio
  • lighter
  • Long-range
  • rack
  • 2 spare wheels
  • bull bar

Malagasy Tours mercedez sprinter

mercedez sprinter-3

mercedez sprinter-4

mercedez sprinter-10


The narrow and winding roads from Madagascar does not allow the big bus type” Boeing ” to move quickly and safely. Here is the type of bus that we put at your disposal; it is perfectly suited to the realities of Madagascar!

19 passenger seats + 1 driver + 1 guide 1 driver assistance



  • air conditioning
  • cooler
  • microphone
  • curtains
  • Headrest
  • CD radio
  • lighter
  • rack

toyota coaster-1

toyota coaster-2

toyota coaster-4


Mercedes trucks for heavy logistics: 4×4 Mercedes 1017 and 4×4 Mercedes Unimog.





Camping and kitchen equipement

These vehicles are in demand, equipped with:

Camping equipment

    • Ferrino tents igloo
    • Foam mattress (5 cm)
    • Mess tent & mats
    • Camping seats
    • Light camp
tente tente

Kitchen equipment

  • Plates & cutlery
  • Glasses & bowls
  • Casserole & utensils
  • Boxes & containers
  • Maintenance equipment


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